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We are excited to bring our patients the best of leading-edge technologies to make your dental checkups and treatment experiences as simple and comfortable as possible.

YFDL Dental Associates ~ Your Family Dentist, we believe that the best of care can be provided when you combine great people and skills with the best of materials and equipment.You’ll be amazed at how dentistry of the future is evolving and how that benefits you! Take a look at what we’ll be working with when you come to see us…

Relaxed Comfort

In the advanced, comfortable, German designed Dentsply Sirona Dental Chair that you’ll sit in, you can relax and view a film of your choosing from our library on the overhead TV, or listen to music in earphones as we carry out your treatment. And you will feel at ease and virtually pain-free with the benefit of N2O (Nitrous Oxide) light dental sedation, which is quickly eliminated from the body after treatment, allowing you to be alert and able to drive by the time you leave.

Interest-free payment plans are available on site and can be easily set up within 5 minutes.

Cerec and Trios Cad Cam – Single Day Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and more!

With the highly efficient Cerec and Trios Cad Cam system, we scan, design and mill crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays right here on the premises and fit them on the same day! That is great news when compared with older methods, where the examination, treatment and follow ups are spread over several appointments. This technology means we are able to offer emergency and scheduled procedures that are complete in one visit! To many of our patients this comes as a welcome relief and a far easier, time and money saving approach. We use quality ceramics and materials sourced from Australian distributors.

3D CBCT (3-dimensional Cone Beam CT) – Clarity and Accuracy

When regular X-rays are insufficient, we use this scanning equipment to take a high-resolution 3D image of your teeth, facial soft tissues and nerves. As you can imagine, this facilitates better, more accurate measurements of your teeth structures, for clearer diagnosis and treatment planning.

Digital X-Rays – Better Information for Diagnosis

We use leading-edge, a digital X-Ray technology which renders very high-quality images, showing the fine detail of your teeth. This of course allows us to make the most accurate diagnosis of your dental condition. The other great thing about this technology is that the images are available in seconds, rather than needing long processing and waiting time like old style X-Rays. They also emit 25% less radiation than traditional machines.

The Wand – Computerised Injections

This wonderful state-of-the-art unit makes injections virtually painless! What more do we need to say? Your comfort and dental wellbeing are our highest priorities.



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