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Dental Sedation

Pain Free Worry Free and
Fear Free Dentistry

Working With You and Your Dentist for an Individually Tailored Solution
Imagine a Dental Appointment You Look Forward To

We are the Perfect Fit for …

Anxious or phobic patients who avoid necessary treatments
Unpleasant or long procedures that can be uncomfortable
Treatment that would normally take multiple visits
Avoiding the inconvenience of general anesthesia or hospital
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You Are Not Alone


49% of Australians Suffer from Dental Anxiety

Source: Australian Dental Journal


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What We Do

  •  Empower patients to develop and maintain their own oral health without anxiety, and in total comfort.
  • Help dentists provide their patients with a comfortable, pleasant and successful dental experience.
  • As experienced dentists ourselves we are uniquely positioned to create a plan that makes each procedure a dream for patient and dentist alike.

Why We Do It

  • Every person deserves to have a pain free, worry free, fear free dental experience – every time.
  • Almost half of all dental patients suffer from some level of anxiety. (Source: Australian Dental Journal).
  • Creating a tailored solution to meet the individual needs of each patient is deeply rewarding.